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In need of ur HELP Mel!!!

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4:18:45 PM

Aloha Mel. I am so happy to have found your website. This is not for me, but a Dear Friend who I'm positive has Morgellons. His Doctors keep telling him he has psoriasis, however it does not look anything like I've ever seen. He has sores all over his body that some are scabbed over most of them are open wounds. He has never heard of Morgellons and does not believe me and does not want to discuss it with me period. I know he is in pain and itchy all the time. Any suggestions?

6:01:30 PM

Hi Denise!

Glad to hear your back, and determined to do what's necessary for you and your family!

It's good to hear you cut out the Mountain Dew! Initially the dietary requirements feel soo restrictive... I completely understand! However if YOU are going to control this rather than it control you, you need to really harness some serious will power and embrace your new 'diet' as a lifestyle:)

I urge you to read a lot about anti-candida diet, get familiar with what you can and can't eat, there are some really great recipe's here and also ... KNOWTHECAUSE.COM has lots of recipes and info on the diet you need to embrace. The best thing to drink is water.. purified H2O w/ lemon, put a bit of stevia in fresh lemon water and home-made lemonade.

Also starting the protocol as soon as possible! Logo's and A2Z are truly wonderful and amazingly products! Initially when I began the protocol I showed my chiropractor what I was taking and he looked them over and said I was on some of the best stuff out there! He compared it to some very high end expensive stuff he sell in his office and really liked the times and amounts of the outlined protocol... It made me feel comfortable to have someone I respect say this to me:) Anywhoo.. It takes dedication though, most people notice a lot of movement in the body when starting and stuff starts really purging, all a good thing!

You said you have 3 kids... It would be wise to look through the Children and Morgellons Section... There are quit a few of us with kids, and if you have any questions other moms are there to share with you :)

My response was kinda long .. lol

Try to stay in faith Denise!

Faith not Fear!

You have lots of support here!

With your own determination, you can get through this!


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