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I want to be well like Mel

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3:26:01 AM

Hello Jane,

It is great to read that you are on your way with the protocol and already starting to feel more energy and well being. Yes its quite weird drinking the MMS isn't it but well done! Its been great to hear your voice on the Saturday calls and hopefully I will be able to join in on one soon - probably next month.

You sound to be tackling everything so well and with such a positive attitude and with the knowledge that God is with you in it all. I'm praying for you Jane as I do for everyone who posts their story and takes part in the calls. Its so wonderful to be part of the community here and to be able to support one another.

Love Ruth

9:02:37 AM

Hello All!

Thank you Peter and Kelly for your response and encouraging words.

I am now committed to post on this site. At first I wanted to wait to post so I could have a cute topic, something that would catch your attention! But that topic would have never been thought of, after all its not about the wording of the topic, Its about whats in your heart and what is going on at that moment. So this is whats going on with me as to date.

Before I started MMS I was drinking coffee and didn't want to give it up! I read on Mel's website and heard it in the conference calls that you shouldn't really drink coffee but I wasn't ready to give it up! I put my morning coffee in a blender with some coconut oil and organic butter and It was tasty! As i was waiting for my second month of protocol and my MMS to get here i was doing some research and found this website that talked about MMS and on the site he said that if you drink coffee with MMS it will lessen the effect, so guess what? I wasn't about to let something interfere with my protocol and my healing! I quit cold turkey the first day on MMS and I had a slight headache, wasn't even that noticeable. I believe it was different because I was already taking the other vitimins. I have tried to give up coffee in the past and the headache from them was unbearable! Good vitimins!

Thank you John and Glenn and the Logos company!

I am on my second month of the basic and the extension protocol. I am about to start my 3 drops of mms on Sunday, I get excited when I get to add another drop!

I was scared to start it at first, but yet wanting to experience what everyone was saying about MMS! The first week I started MMS I got really tired, it lasted a couple of days. 2 drops, I had a lot of leg pain, and now waiting with excitement for what 3 drops will bring!( I am also nervous and scared but trusting God for the outcome) I ask you guys to pray for me and my family.
My husband and I have 5 kids and 2 grandbabies with one on the way and I believe they all have morgellons, except not sure about the new baby. I am the only one that can feel it.

I have tried to share what was going on with me and none of them believe there is something wrong with me. My husband is coming around slowly and has agreed to take the protocol along with the only child we have left at home.

Ok wow, enough for now.

9:08:16 AM

Hi everyone

I forgot to say some stuff in my last post about what a wonderful company Logos is.
First I want to thank Glenn (shipping manager) for helping to resolve some questions I had regarding ordering. He was responsive, kind and professional what more could I ask!

Second, I could not believe the quality for the relatively small price. My husband and I have been taking many of the basic protocol stuff for years. As an example, we pay $25 for a bottle of Olive Leaf Extract. We take multi vitamins, probiotics are usually $50, we take fish oil, we take b and d vitamins, we buy kelp and copper separate, we take enzymes... I could go on and on. All of these items were previously purchased at our local health food store.

I got all this and much much more for about $150. It's all in there. That's for the basic kit and the extension kit.


That is all I have to say. Don't go elsewhere and try and piecemeal your own protocol. You'll pay much more and anyway why would you want to WHEN THIS ONE WORKS.

Do everything you can you get it. I know many struggle financially. I have nothing but understanding there as I do too.

I'm on a fixed income due to my disability and have just had a great expense due to loosing my mother in May. But I realized that my life was in grave danger if I did not put fighting this disease on the very very top of my to do list.

That's where it must stay from now on.

Most of the time, I look a mess. I don't care about hair, clothes, nails, makeup, jewelry a social life or anything else at the moment.
Any money or energy I may have spent on these things now goes into affording Mel's Protocol.

Everything else that's not absolutely necessary can wait for me.

Lots of love


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