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Auntie M

9:44:31 PM

Thanks for the info about the witch hazel. I need to buy some.

The skin seems to be improving with Janice's creme and lesions are healing with minimal scarring. Less intense and widespread under skin agitation in the night and before dawn.

As far as coconut oil is concerned, I did not have the same response as you. No sand came out. The oil just sinks in. I find it interesting that we are each having different responses to different topical aids.

What is significant about Janice's creme is that it brings the "bugs" out of the skin, not just quiets them. She insists that getting them out of the body is the only way to significantly reduce symptoms.

I talked to my naturopathic doc by phone today. I will probably go back on the Bactrim now that the infection on my skin has calmed down. She is concerned about my taking the powdered sulphur internally. It can be caustic.

3:15:15 AM

I know I told you this before, but have you tried the witch hazel? It has really worked with the stinging .. instantly. I take small mist bottle in bed with me, if I wake up with sting.. I spray one shot, it goes away. I even spray it in my ears when they are itching and it stops too.

2nd,if you want to see sand, then just leave coconut oil on for an hour .. and it comes pouring out.

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