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John Burgstiner / A Chronology of Enlightenment

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12:49:30 AM

Hello Folks

I'm going to keep posting here to encourage. I hope to give you a road map on how Logos Nutritionals Articles gifts special insights. I want to excite you to investigate and discover the deeper wisdom within alternative health truths.

From the article, "You Are What You Eat," by John Burgstiner, Founder and President of Logos Nutritionals, LLC.

The benefits of our dedication can only be realized to the extent that our bodies can absorb and assimilate the nutrients that we eat. In other words, "we are not what we eat, but what we digest."
[end quote]

Some of you may chuckle when you see that I repeat things that John has actually authored. This article will shed light on the role that digestive enzymes and pro biotic bacteria play in the gut. It opens a door to what John terms "the unseen world within us."

The gift, for me, was to learn that bacteria and enzymes form a core component of my body’s basic functions, especially digestion and immune responses.

This article flipped a switch.... that digestive enzymes and probiotic bacteria must be readily available in my fight against the co-infections that fuel Morgellons. Wow...Now I know the reason for two parts of this protocol, and why Logos has put this article here for me to read. It was pretty refreshing.

Since it all starts with digestion, begin with this article. Read it with a genuine curiosity to empower yourself with truth. I hope you will share what you discover. Good journeys!


11:05:02 AM

Thanks, Peter,

for this great post reminding us of John's articles.

You are such a good writer yourself!

John is certainly a most wise man and I wouldn't take supplements from any other company (unless Logos didn't offer them).

Blessings to you!

8:10:26 AM

Hello Folks

“It is what we think we already know that prevents us from learning.” These words were spoken by Claude Bernard. The deeper aspect in my story lies within them. Here it is for you.

Claude Bernard, (born July 12, 1813, Saint-Julien, France—died Feb. 10, 1878, Paris) French physiologist known chiefly for his discoveries concerning the role of the pancreas in digestion, the glycogenic function of the liver, and the regulation of the blood supply by the vasomotor nerves. His most seminal contribution was his concept of the internal environment of the organism, which led to the present understanding of homeostasis and the self-regulation of vital processes.

It is somewhere around June, 2012. I am just beginning Mel’s protocol, and I have my very first conversation with John Burgstiner. Of course, I am excited. In fact, it turns out to become the spark for my future recovery. I remember the tone. Myself, excited to share with him some research that I was convinced contained the cause of Morgellons. John, quietly suggesting to me that I seek understanding the bioterrain. In looking back, that was the defining moment. John was saying, go here. And, thankfully, I did!

So, commitment began with Claude Bernard. This is what happens next. In July of 2012, I joined the audience as a listener to my very first conference call. John introduces his newly developed extension kit and the role each product plays in recovery. As the host, I see Mel in a whole new light. Intuition tells me this is a “very special place.”

Where next? I visit the Natural Health Articles section on the Logos Nutritionals web site. First read? "Yeast infections: Ancient Microbes, Modern Plaque." I discover Probiotics, Ph levels, mineral deficiency, stress, heavy metal toxicity, cellular energy, impaired fatty acids, and thyroid suppression all addressed in this one article. I am starting to see Morgellons in a whole new light. I can capture the disease as involving immune compromise and failure of the bioterrain with multiple infections. And I say to myself, “I can self treat this.” “This makes sense.”

I see everything laid out for me. Diet, restoring digestion, antifungals, detoxification, suddenly all right in front of me. “This article is a roadmap, an outline I can follow.” It ends with the assurance that, in John’s words, “this is a battle worth fighting; it is a battle that can be won.” Do you see my hope building?

Throughout the remainder of 2012 and much of 2013, I read every article written by John Burgstiner offered on his web site. I think it is safe to say that our discussions during this time found him smiling. He probably said to himself, “this man will get well.” I know he took great joy in that belief. Our friendship grows through our shared conviction to the science of restoring the bioterrain. It brings us closer. This conviction remains to this day!

Skip ahead to the present. These Logos Articles have taught me so much. Glandular therapy, homeostasis, inflammation, hydration, sleep, metabolic typing, systemic enzymes, and much, much more. Even an article on the value of the lowly cucumber, a vegetable that I love so much. The pieces of the puzzle have assembled into the bigger picture of remission.

There you have it. Are you persuaded to look deeper into the wisdom John shares through these articles? They are keys that unlock the miracles of physiology. They will enlighten you with the profound engineering our creator has instilled in us, and equip you for recovery. Believe it!

Maybe in the future I will share with you what Paul Stanley used to say is “the rest of the story.” That trailer would tell the story of John’s gift to me of fellowship and brotherly love founded upon our shared faith, including the treasure of knowing his whole heart.

I pray that you can now embrace the core reasons why I have the deepest respect, reverence, and love for John! I am honored to call him my friend. And yes, the science is sound.

Sincerely, and in His love