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John re, L-Cysteine

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6:56:53 PM

Ok thank you
I would like to state again,for the record.. you cant imagine how good I feel, I hope it lasts.
As for the simple and complex Carbs. . how do we know which is which, And I would assume some are alkaline and some are acidity?
I have tried to find online, but it doesn't make sense
Is there a list anywhere that you know?
Thanks once again

12:56:45 PM

Hi Susanne,

Cysteine is one of the amino acids included in our Complete Thymic Formula, but as far as using it in high enough quantities to be therapeutic for its detox and immune enhancing properties, no it is not.

However, as they say, there is more than one way to 'skin a cat' (my apologies to cat lovers). Our protocol is absolutely loaded with nutrients to support immunity and enhance detoxification pathways in the body.

Liver CS Plus does not contain NAC (N-acetyl cysteine, the most desirable form of cysteine) by design. We certainly could have opted to use NAC in the formula, but instead we chose to use Alpha Lipoic Acid which is both lower in cost and more efficiently absorbed. ALA offers very similar benefits, but actually has even broader usage potential in the body.

In addition, Liver CS Plus offers a wide array of synergistic liver support herbs, and may well be the most comprehensive detox support supplement available today.

People with heavy metal toxicity issues might want to add an additional chelating agent to their regimen, but they would be better served with sodium EDTA than with NAC.

Complex carbs are always better because they typically include fiber, which slows down the absorption and utilization of glucose. Slower uptake of sugars means less intense stimulation of the pancreas to over-secrete insulin, and more stable blood sugar.

In general, the less refined your food is, the better.

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