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laundry relief

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7:50:05 AM

Guten Tag Shari,

I have had to use a laundromat in the past. The issue with front loaders is usually not having a soaking cycle long enough to be effective. Your choices are to use the sink tub at the laundromat if allowed and not busy but that is usually not the case so soaking at home first, although a chore and heavy to carry around, seems to be the only option that I can think of.

Both products, Kleen Green and MMS, have been effective according to others. I prefer MMS because it is less expensive, however if I could I would alternate them. I soak for an hour but others have said 30 minutes works. After soaking load clothes in plastic bags and carry to laundromat. I use 25 activated drop of MMS in the soaking process.

Mel has said that you need to be careful about bleaching out the clothes but I don't worry about that since these are all old clothes. I always dry on the hottest setting. I feel for you having to use such facilities having been there for awhile and it gets expensive.

There is a recent Saturday conference call with Cathee the owner of Kleen Green in which she discuses using it for laundry. Hope this helps.

Peace, joy and blessings to you and all of us together.


2:44:33 PM

Hello everyone! I am writing to ask a question about laundry since my washing situation has changed and I have some energy today.

I was wondering if anyone has washed with clean green borax arm and hammer and vinegar using a front loader? I have recently found out that New York only has front loaders near me, and I've never used one before!

Any advice at all on how to wash for Morgellons using a front loader (specifically at the laundromat); l since we don't have a washer and dryer. I would be soooo grateful!

Thank you so much and God bless,

1:04:55 AM

Here are my thoughts for those that can't use Kleen Green due to cost or other reasons and who have front loaders...
I use Kleen Green, Borax, laundry detergent and hot water in my front loader. But, for certain clothes that need cold water wash, I pre-soak them first for an hour or two in cold water and MMS (20 activated drops) I make sure I mix the water well before adding the clothes. Then I swish them around for a little while by hand. Then let them sit and soak. After that I put them in the machine with the cold setting and regular laundry detergent (Arm and Hammer clear) and fabric softener (health food store brand) because we have hard water. This makes the clothes smell good and rinses them out well. Also spins the water out of them so that they don't take so long to dry when I lay them out on sweater racks or hang them up. If I couldn't use Kleen Green, then I'd use MMS this way for all my laundry. I recall someone on the forum using their bathtub for the presoaking of large loads like bed linens...They might have just hung sheets to dry and never used the washing machine or dryer at all. But, I think it would be easier to put the soaking wet sheets into a washing machine and then the dryer if possible.

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