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10:45:58 AM

First,I want to thank Pat for the news that this disease probably is not likely to be communicable.This has been the thing a lot of us fear most and has kept us isolated from our families in the past.Cindy,I too,as have the majority of us,have been ridiculed due to the medical community's lack of knowledge on our disease.I am so much better that I sometimes forget I have the disease.Instead of spending money on MD's who are going off in another direction,please start the protocol asap and begin to improve your health.I spent so much money before I found this site.After I started the protocol,I was much better within 3 months.I work full-time and enjoy my life again.I have now been on the program since last June,full protocol in force by August.I was like you,my vision and hearing was a mes,I had large dark swollen areas all over.My head and eyes have not itched in several months.Itching is at a minimum and I have'nt seen anything in the last 2 months.I still have bites every now and then but they are becomming fewer every month.God bless and keep us all,Kathy

3:01:13 PM


Your symptoms are fairly commonly reported in Morgellons. It is also common that doctors have not heard the term Morgellons and are unfamiliar with the symptoms associated with Morgellons.

I do however find it interesting that your doctor wants to send you to see a psychiatrist, "who wants to treat me for parapsychosis". I can find no definition for parasychosis, but it does show up occasionally on some Morgellons websites.

Did you take any of the articles we recommend with you to your doctor? They are: "Case Series", "Practitioner Letter", and "Common Laboratory Abnormalities"
Live links for these invaluable articles can be found at the bottom of the Lab Testing Options page on this website as well as The Morgellons Articles page.

I recently returned from the 4TH Annual Morgellons Conference in Austin,TX. The question of communicability of Morgellons was addressed by a panel of the conference presenters. The consensus of the panel was that Morgellons is not easily if at all a communicable disease.


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