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10:39:11 AM

Hiya Teresa,


It was certainly exciting to see your reaction in the topic "Straight Talk on MMS" only 40 minutes after your original post here. That 30 minute video provides some of the best information ever presented on MMS.

Hope it will encourage others to take the time to watch the video.

Looking forward to hearing your progress reports once you begin the protocol and start to feel better.

Thank you again for your post.

God Bless, Never give up Hope!


10:50:58 AM

Hi PS, Pamela mae & Mel, I'm Teresa and I just want to say Thank you to all of you for posting such helpful info. I am really suffering from this disease and alot of other co-infections.
My mom just gave me her MMS (& cd's) that she had but have been too afraid to use it(I will watch the mms vid). I also just got 1 months supply of Bactrim DS. I am waiting to start all of this until I can get tested to make sure I follow the correct protocol.
Thank You & God Bless

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