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12:34:38 PM

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for your excellent question. The short answer is no (organic) and yes (non-GMO).

Although Logos regularly uses a variety of Certified Organic and non GMO ingredients, we as a company have chosen not to incur (and then pass along to our customers) the prohibitive fees and expenses required to display such seals on our finished products.

The integrity of the Certified Organic process has long since been sold out, and we have no interest in supporting the bureaucracy. I have an aunt who is a pioneer of organic farming, and she has been a vocal critic of the greed mongering and compromising of the so called organic industry.

That said, I do eat organic eggs and some meats and veggies, but we place more emphasis on buying local.

Although I would never knowingly sell GMO corn, wheat or soy (or anything derived from them), I do honestly question whether or not truly GMO free crops exist any more due to intentional and/or unintentional cross pollination.

There are no higher standards for quality control than those practiced by Logos Nutritionals, and this is displayed loud and clear in the efficacy of our products.

Thanks again Sandra for sharing your very legitimate concern. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Peace and Blessings,


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