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1:00:14 AM

Hi Mel

Thanks for the update. I am relieved and glad to know all are safe.


8:46:27 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

In the past week many of you brought to my attention one of our warriors was M.I.A.

So after five days of searching look who I found;

Hi, Mel -

All is well. My apologies for being out of touch.

About a week and a half ago we had severe thunderstorms and tornadoes moving through our area in Atlanta and up the 400 highway corridor going North.

Lightning struck our building, broke one of our skylights and knocked the power out. Additionally, as luck would have it, my laptop, two of our mobile phones and my iPad were charging directly into wall outlets with no surge protection at the time and all were fried.

The Apple geniuses were able to help me access my voicemail yesterday remotely, so I heard that you'd called.

Up to yesterday we were staying with my in laws and getting the insurance sorted out to replace the electronics and other damage but we came back home yesterday evening. It's been a hassle. Nothing like Mother Nature for a little excitement!

I will have a new phone tomorrow and will give you a call in the next day or so after I get everything set up.

Hope Everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and thank you, for
checking in on me!

Ms. V.