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John Burgstiner

3:47:30 PM

Although I know you don't like negativity, I am glad you allowed this old post to be brought back to the front with Jane's recent post.

Much time has passed, and you are still serving others as always, still prescription drug and symptom free.

Even the shrewdest of schemers have their motives revealed over time. Your heart has been revealed day by day in your actions of unconditional love.

Their will always be naysayers, but the fruit in your life is consistent and dependable.

Thanks again for the blessing that you are.



1:35:09 PM

Hello everyone

I won't even dignify this nonsense with a response. Instead, let me highlight the SIMPLE PRECEPTS that I see in Mel and this website.

An obligation to protect a persons right to freedom of choice.

A commitment to promote understanding, acceptance, and the enhancement of the general welfare of the community of people with this disease.

An obligation to respect the privacy of people and to hold in confidence information obtained in the course of his providing services and information on the web site.

A commitment to continually strive for improvement in the efficiency and the effectiveness and quality of his service.

An obligation to set clear, appropriate, and sensitive boundaries.


AND FINALLY, A commitment to maintain the INTEGRITY of HIS POSITION by UPHOLDING and ADVANCING the VALUES, ETHICS, KNOWLEDGE, and MISSION he so tireless commits himself to every day....THE RESTORATION of OUR HEALTH..GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER!!



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