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12:39:01 AM

Hi Pink Light,

Your calculations are correct.

The calculation that Andreas Kalcker gave us, is very useful. It is an important and basic guide, regarding the body mass and MMS tolerance. I have seen so many times, that people when they sow that someone could tolerate 20 drops, and she/he could not tolerate even 15 drops were confused,.
It can be related to the body weight, however, it also can be related to some other health problem. If we see that according to our weight, we should be able to handle 20 drops, and we hardly can take 15 drops, we should take only 15 drops, and then check our general health with our doctor.
Your calculations are correct. The following statements and calculations are from Internet and they are in accordance with your calculations (I hope it helps those who are confused):

Quickly convert kilograms into pounds (kg to lbs)
178 Pounds = 80.7394419 Kilograms.

International avoirdupois pound = 0.45359237 kg

International troy pound = 0.373241721 kg

International avoirdupois pound is the most commonly used pound unit, especially in United States.


11:41:31 AM

Welcome All,

After three years writing on the website, I have been forced to live with a dictionary at my right hand. Now you girls pose a math problem, and I may be forced to go back to school to find the right answer!

I have noticed over the years that most people max out between 14 and 24 drops - depending on their body weight and individual tolerances.

I will consult with my current English professor and see if he has any thoughts on this subject.

God Bless; Never give up Hope!


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