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Mms and fungus

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8:33:58 AM

Hi Darlene,

Glad you have received your protocol supplements and are ready to start.

The best person to answer will probably be John regarding the specific ingredients of his products, but I know it reduces fungus, Candida Rid would be one of them. And also, going on a low glycemic diet does also. So, if you want to know more specifics, the Logos nutritionals website does give a detailed description of each supplement and what it does. I highly recommend reading through it when you have some time.

But in the meantime, the answer is yes. Some, like myself, also added Monolaurin earlier on in treatment and it also addresses fungal infection. I went on it periodically in a pulsing manner on a month off a month and on a month and so on.

Looking forward to hearing about your healing journey with the protocol!

God Bless,


8:31:34 AM

Hello Darlene,


I think these products are supposed to help alot of things! I am only on my second month and I can see a difference.

I have tried alot of other stuff and these vitimins have far exceeded what I have been doing for 9 months in just 2 months!

7:40:15 PM

Dear Darlene,

I know others who knows more will come in and give you their knowledge.

I believe it's the synergistic of everything kills the fungus.
By not feeding them, cut out sugar, white flour, white rice, watch the carbohydrates. They'll die by not getting the food help them grow.

Clean up diet, make sure not to eat moldy things. For example if you open an avocado and see those brownish spots, it's moldy, do not ingest. Throw out. That goes in general.
Lots of fibers.
Lots of water
Alkaline diet
Eat anti fungal foods, you can get a list of these foods and as you eat, you know you're killing them.
Build up bio terrain
Whole protocol of course mms and sov silver.


Ps I may be wrong so let's see who else will provide us with their knowledge. I,mat ill learning too.

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