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MMS for dental care

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1:48:05 PM

Hi LT1985,

Wow, thank you for all of the great information in that post. I only just now saw your reply. Sorry I missed it before. And thank you for caring enough to address the issue of sores at the back of the mouth. You must be referring to when I asked that question in the conference call, and you don't know how much I appreciate you taking the time to post such a thoughtful reply, and to give me so much good information on activated charcoal.

I too have heard good things about honey and the throat, and for a while a few years ago I was putting honey in my throat. Maybe I should try that again. I was doing that because I had read or watched a video, I don't remember now, concerning a guy who slept with honey on his throat and it brought something up from his throat. It is probably the same person you mentioned. I have always been able to tolerate a little bit of honey and there is an organic thick honey that I like a lot.

I am going to print your reply out. Thanks again!


1:18:44 AM

Hi Cheryl - thanks for your reply.
I used
"nature's way" - they have two kinds of activated charcoal - both under 7$ For 100 caps- (amazon)
The bulletproof blog guy sells his own activated charcoal, which is from coconut shells and it is around 20$ for 120 caps.
Never tried the bulletproof charcoal.

And while the capsules are convenient - the powdered activated charcoal is cheaper and lasts longer -
I use a brand called "zen charcoal" - which is currently about 25$ for 2.5 pounds (amazon)
This is a lot of charcoal - and such a great value!!
this big bag allows me to give some away because even folks without morgellons and Lyme can find great uses for wonderful activated charcoal - like folks use it when they get tattoos to draw out ink toxins - it is used for bug and spider bites - and my niece (8th grade) still thanks me because it did wonders for her face!
It is also used in ER rooms with people and pets (dr axe has more info) and even Cleopatra used charcoal for various uses.

Now I would not use activated charcoal internally while
On Mel's protocol because it is an adsorbent and will pull out vitamins and whatnot -
So note that - ok!
But i know many folks who take it with fiber and so a three day cleanse -

But it can be used externally - and activated charcoal is amazing - especially mixed with coconut oil.
Two capsules to approx 4 oz of coconut oil - apply - rub in - let sit - unless purging a lot - might be itchy - wash with peppermint soap and apply again-
Or wash and apply plain coconut oil with few drops of essential oils added.

I have been wanting to share more about charcoal and so Cheryl - thanks again for your nice little reply - ;)

it is very trendy right now to use the activated charcoal for teeth whitening - there are many videos online -
Here is how we do it:
Simple open a capsule (which is usually about half a teaspoon) and then rub it all over gums and teeth - let sit a minute - brush a little - let sit - brush some more.
Rinse mouth
repeat this again if it is the first few times - but experiment to see what your teeth need.

It really works to remove many types of stains.

The Bonus is gum health.
i used activated charcoal around a crown that needed to be replaced (long story - but actually went to have it removed and oral surgeon said it was perfectly fine and talked me out of it - said he won't remove healthy stuff - i knew him from other work and trusted him - but since that time I learned dentists are often taught wrong and well - we know how It is (thanks Weston Price)
I wish I went with my gut and had it removed -
Later - at times -
I noticed the gum area was soft around it (but dentist always said it was perfectly healthy) and to just make sure I flossed there very well - makes sense, right? But I heard all Crowns can be perpetual sources of bacteria and some kinds have metal leeching - not to panic - but this one felt "off" and I found that activated charcoal really helped.
I rubbed dry activated charcoal all
Around tooth and let sit - worked great.
And one day it helped me heal something else- it helped me heal bumps that were back in my mouth-

This next little story relates to a tidbit from
The conference call I listened to while cleaning the bookshelves last month -
A lady called in who had bumps on the back of her mouth (something like that).
I always heard that most mouth blisters (canker sores) meant b-vitamins were low or amino acids were not in balance - and then we know thrush is fungal related - and some inner mouth sores are viral -
Anyhow - this next part is for that lady who called in with her question-
There was a time when I
had those bumps at the back of my mouth (roof of the mouth to the far back - also called the soft palate)
and I think mine was related to heavy sinus infestation - that mouth and throat area is all related to sinus and area -

"soft palate is moveable, consisting of muscle fibers sheathed in mucous membrane. It is responsible for closing off the nasal passages during the act of swallowing, and also for closing off the airway. During sneezing, it protects the nasal passage by diverting a portion of the excreted substance to the mouth."
And it became clear to me that because morellons is in the mucous and sinus - it would make sense that the mouth palate would be impacted. (And months earlier when I would clean my nose with tumeric and coconut oil - I'd feel that area tingle.)

And then when the bumps were there that day - it was right after I was cleaning deep in the sinuses for a few weeks - and also healing with protocol - sleep - diet - etc.

((in hindsight I would have maybe been spraying MMS (WPS) on it, but I did not yet realize how universal MMS was -
And Mel is right - MMS is magic - and I guess Mel gives some to his dentist because his dentist saw Mel's gums drastically improve over the years - he went from possibly needing gum surgery to then having healthy gums - thanks to MMS - so this stuff is an absolute gift!)
Getting back to my story -
I found the bumps after I put some activated charcoal on that crowned tooth-
First time I had done it in a couple months and I had a shooting pain deep in my face - like it went from my gum to my eye - weird
That was when I noticed the bumps on the back area of mouth -
I was cleaning my sinuses with 3%peroxide at the time (on and off) and after a month of it - those bumps showed up -
I applied activated charcoal three or four times a day and in like two or three days they were almost fully gone -the charcoal healed it all.

Point of story:
Activated charcoal is great for oral health - so experiment and see what works.
The second story to share came to mind also when I heard that lady on the conference call - and by the way - to the lady who had that question for Mel - I hope you get 100% healed - ;) and welcome to the place where people get healed (and do happy dances) -

There is this couple who healed from Morgellons many years ago - like in 2010 (they used to go by the handle of faithfulandtrue123)
Well the guy had mouth sores and had something lodged in his throat - it was during the heavy infestation phase when he was still in shock as to what was happening to his body - I guess this couple became infested after they cleaned a back shed that had dead rodents (something like that) and he said he was praying and praying about this problem with his throat
and God led him to use honey -
for one night he let honey sit on his throat and in the morning a sac of some sort came up and his throat was cleared!
we all know honey is amazing for the throat and even though It is not protocol friendly (as a sugar it feeds yeasts and other things so while healing most need to say no to it) but his story stuck with me- And showed how powerful honey can be (not even Manuka - just regular wonderful local honey) and he also said that a couple years later he had X-rays done for something and a doctor asked him what kind of surgery he had because part of his bone was missing in that area (something like that).
Anyhow - not everyone with morgellons has mouth or throat bumps or sores on the palate - but wanted to share that at one point I did and I have heard of a few others -
so if you have them - try not to panic and just remember this is a systemic illness and we get healthy from the inside out!

while it is tempting to want to treat sores or external symptoms (and we do need to as we heal) -but we clean the gut and rebuild the body terrain from the inside out - <3
And Mel's protocol will eventually reach the sinus cavities - the palate - and other sores - so be patient - be diligent - and never ever give up....
And maybe use some activated charcoal for oral health and to clean stains from those pearly whites.


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