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A2Z Corp

5:12:46 PM


You have not sent A2Z Corp an Email regarding the concerns you specify in this forum - Your 'quote' does not contain information that would comply with our company policy and it is not in a format I would use to reply to a problem.

It is difficult for us to keep Molecula Silver on the shelves because of its popularity, so your comment about 'being on the shelves longer' exposes your libelous attempt.

You have not been provoked by A2Z so I can't predict your motive; this being said, you must remember this is a forum to help people suffering from Morgellon's, not a forum to post false accusations that could hurt people who are looking for help, and are attempting to post in an honest forum (something you should consider).

- JEff

9:41:03 PM


this is getting interesting. Below is what I received from A2Z after my post to the board. I replied Great, anything else you need from me? and that was the last I heard from them.
Re: product problem
Wednesday, July 8, 2009 7:16 PM
From: 'A2Z Corp'
Hello,sorry for the delay I could assure you the the product is still the same but will consider sending you our product from Vegas instead of Washington.Ive gone over your order and tested the product and believe some have had been on the shelves longer then others and are investigating possible degrease of effectiveness. Thank you

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