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2:45:22 PM

Hi D ! Great to hear from you!
They found Cipro works for me.
so pleased to hear you are having a break through and seeing there is hope!
Call - so we can just chat it up and have a good
laugh as usual - Hey?

Blessings my dear friend,there is hope in Christ,
Pamela mae
Lady Dee

12:10:06 PM

Hi Pamela,

So nice to hear from you! Thanks so much for the shortcut to A2Z order page. I will do that today. Just an update...I am still on Mel's protocol with the exception of the Bactrim. I am taking Doxycycline instead which I find works better for my skin. I know that we are all different in our chemistry but this seems to be clearing up the lesions for me.

How are you doing? What is working best for you?

Blessings to you my friend,
Lady Dee

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