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morgellons disease

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Ms. V.
11:11:56 AM

Welcome, Kay:

There's not much I can add that the others below haven't already covered. I am very new here, myself. But already, I have found hope, fellowship and am in the midst of the healing process on the protocol. I celebrated my first full month on the protocol this past weekend.

Read as much as you can on the forum and in the archives. It helps, not only to provide much needed information, but it also distracts from the depression and lets you know there are so many of us on the same road dealing with this.

Many blessings to you for healing and peace. Take heart; you are not alone.

Ms. V.

3:53:47 PM

Dear Kay,

Hello, welcome!

You're no longer fighting this alone.

I am sorry you're going through this.

Shari is right, do not do too much stuff to the lesions.

Peter shared his experience with us. He had lesions on his arm. Before he found this website he did a lot of things to those lesions. From antifungal cream to raw garlic. He even used sports band on them with garlic.
He now realize, those actions had driven the pathogens deeper.

Peter has healed from many different afflictions once he got on this protocol. Peter was not the only one who healed from 5-6 different ailments, there were so many more healed from Morgellons, Lyme, mrsa, and for many by treating Morgellons with this protocol, they also healed from diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia...

So Kay, you're in good hands, please read the FAQ,
join us on the coffee tea with me,
read as much as you can from the forum,

by doing that you will know so many got well, which means you can get well too.

I hope you feel slightly comforted knowing there is hope!

Welcome again,

7:53:41 PM

Hi Kay,

I know it's hard to believe after doctors with years of experience have not been able to help us, but you have came to the right place. When I first got this I cried more than I have in my entire life. Every. Single. Day. It got to the point where I was just crying and it wasn't making me feel any better. Doctors couldn't help me because they didnt know what this is or diagnosed it as something common such as scabies.

I prayed that God would take me out of this world if this couldn't be cured. I was getting worse by the day. I then bacame very angry with him for letting me suffer through this and not just letting me die. Strange things started to happen after that. I had two near death experiences while driving in my car that I shouldn't have been able to maneuver myself out of. I kept wondering why God wouldn't let me die. I was ignorant to the fact God was sending me a clear message that it wasn't my time to go and this was curable.

After two months of crying and begging God to help me, and shortly after my morbid prayer, I found this website. There was something different about this site than all the others. Here we do not focus on the symptoms, or where this may have come from or how we may have contracted it. Here we focus on getting better. Mel had God written all over this site, I knew I had found the answer to my prayers.

Reasons there is hope and only hope for you-
1. Mel had this three years with lesions all over his entire body, and he made a COMPLETE recovery.
2. I had morgellons so badly I couldn't sleep with a sheet at night. The crawling sensations were that intense. I started the protocol on August 10th. In less than a month I could use a sheet and do so every day now.
3. The protocol works and you will find lots of people on here that are completely cured or on the journey to being cured.

Stick to the diet and the protocol, and make sure you wash your clothes and bed sheets daily in MMS. Once they are clean you want to seal them up either in a plastic container or bag. Don't let this ruin your life. We may not have the help of doctors, but so many people have gathered together on this website and have been cured. You will find this forum is packed with tips and solutions that people have discovered through trial and error. Kleen green is going to help you a lot. When I first bought it I bought the small one thinking I could only use it for cleaning. You can spray this on your entire body and hair. Pretty much everywhere excluding your eyes, mouth, and nose.

God -
Please help our sister Kay. Heal her completely from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Give her a sign that she is going to be okay. Give her peace of mind and strength to get through this. Thank you for leading her to this website. Give us patience in the recovery process, and help her to find all the information she needs on the forum.

In Jesus Name,

P.S. Read the thread "for the newly stricken"- that's where it's best to start. As you can see we all get very excited when someone new finds the site because we know they will soon be joining us in the journey to getting better!!!

Much Love from Texas,

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