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morgellons disease

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Ms. V.
11:11:56 AM

Welcome, Kay:

There's not much I can add that the others below haven't already covered. I am very new here, myself. But already, I have found hope, fellowship and am in the midst of the healing process on the protocol. I celebrated my first full month on the protocol this past weekend.

Read as much as you can on the forum and in the archives. It helps, not only to provide much needed information, but it also distracts from the depression and lets you know there are so many of us on the same road dealing with this.

Many blessings to you for healing and peace. Take heart; you are not alone.

Ms. V.

3:53:47 PM

Dear Kay,

Hello, welcome!

You're no longer fighting this alone.

I am sorry you're going through this.

Shari is right, do not do too much stuff to the lesions.

Peter shared his experience with us. He had lesions on his arm. Before he found this website he did a lot of things to those lesions. From antifungal cream to raw garlic. He even used sports band on them with garlic.
He now realize, those actions had driven the pathogens deeper.

Peter has healed from many different afflictions once he got on this protocol. Peter was not the only one who healed from 5-6 different ailments, there were so many more healed from Morgellons, Lyme, mrsa, and for many by treating Morgellons with this protocol, they also healed from diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia...

So Kay, you're in good hands, please read the FAQ,
join us on the coffee tea with me,
read as much as you can from the forum,

by doing that you will know so many got well, which means you can get well too.

I hope you feel slightly comforted knowing there is hope!

Welcome again,

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