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2:32:40 AM

fyi- I have also started Lugol's iodine about 5 days prior to collecting all the products for the protocol. . and I felt as if miracles were happening, within an hour of taking the iodine, lesions were closing up and falling off. I have not started on the Bactrim yet. but I took Bactrim 4 prescriptions by doctors this year prior to finding this website, and the bactrim made me sick, I forced myself to take it, but I never saw results. .more to say

1:27:57 AM

Hi, Lady Dee
Go to for the iodine. I had called the 800 # to get clarification on the dosage and told them I had Morgellons and she put me thru to the Dr. He told me to start with 15 drops 4x's per day for 1 day, then go to 15 drops 3x's per day for 10 days,then go to 10 drops 3x's per day. He was talking so fast that I will have to call back to get the rest of it. He also said to take the silver (which is in the protocol).
If you decide to give this a try, I will let you know what the next steps are once I find out. I will tell you that I have now completed 1 week of this and ALOT of fibers and 'white stuff'. which I think is fungus is coming out of me. I am VERY ithchy at times, but I believe it is because stuff is coming out. I will warn you that since i started the iodine, I seem to be less tolerant of the MMS (get sick frequently). What this means I do not know.
I have not stopped Mel's protocol, just added the iodine.
Let me know how it goes.
Take Care

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