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6:49:58 AM

Hi Josef

I also had gum disease. I have reversed this issue by using the cheapest sonicare toothbrush from Walmart. I brush the gums and allow it to vibrate, stimulate and throughly clean gums and teeth, also I uses a tongue scraper after I use mouthwash to remove and extra bacteria on the tongue, plus flossing daily really helps. I personally used peroxide before I knew about mms, but MMS works extremely well, and thanks to the Mel Man for that advice!



12:53:16 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Since my knees are consistently strengthened by working out on Bow-Flex, I would recommend that you find a comfortable form of exercise to not only strengthen your knees but also your lower back.

When it come to treating the mouth, the gums and the teeth, I have found over the last eight years that using MMS has improved my gums and teeth to such a degree that my dentist requested that I bring some for her to my bi-annual cleaning.

When I had my car accident in July of 2013, I had such a violent impact to one of my teeth that it became infected and I tried treating it with a recommended prescription anti-biotic. After three days without improvement I decided to gargle with MMS four times a day. By the end of the second day the infection was completely under control which allowed me to wait the next couple of days without any pain until my dentist was able to remove the only tooth she has ever taken out of my mouth.

I sure hope this helps a little.

God Bless You All, Never Ever Give Up Hope!!!


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