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John B

12:23:50 PM

Hi Debra,

It is great to see that you are doing so well and now that you "have your life back", you care enough about those who are still suffering to come back here and lift others up.

That is what Mel's life and this website are all about... in a couple of words, transformation and hope.

I am aware that you have been faithfully following Mel's full protocol for quite some time now, and as is typically the case with those who do so, you have stabilized your health and restored your quality of life.

Having survived and overcome this plague which can only be described as Hell on earth, many people would not want to glimpse back - and even if they did, the the world from which they were once isolated has a way of recapturing one's time and talents.

So thanks again for sharing your success and in the process, giving encouragement to all and restoring Hope to some who desperately need it.

Peace and Blessings,

John Burgstiner

11:38:24 AM

Hiya Kathy B,

Welcome as always;

Yes I stayed on Bactrim for the full 18 months as well as all other parts of the protocol.

I still take the Wellness Protocol from Logos Nutritionals every day to ensure I maintain my good health.

It was very nice to talk with you yesterday... I hope I helped!

God bless, Never give up Hope!

PS - It was also wonderful to talk with you Debra and I am happy to hear you have recaptured your life.

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