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1:05:18 AM

Hi Nan,

thank you for your response.

I will try the grapefruit seed drops.

Hope you are doing well.


10:02:05 PM

Hi Ellie,
I tried both coconut water and keffir at the beginning of taking the protocol and I felt worse so stopped. I was still learning the rules at that time. I suggest you check the ingredients since want to keep sugar and carbs low.

I drink filtered water, water with grapefruit seed oil extract (5 drops 8 oz), water with lemon all day (about gallon of water daily to clean system), water with lemon and cayenne pepper with celery 2 times a day, glass of almond milk or coconut almond milk unsweetened (avoid carragenan in these milks) sometimes in the morning or when need to watch snacking since fills me up. I have a lot of teas (thanks to Peter's post): my favorite is Dandelion Root in the morning to replace my coffee, Pau D'Arco, peppermint, Rooibos, are a few as well as Chai Rooibos with 2 tsp of cinnamon seems to help when want something sweet. Also, as you get better and on the protocol for a while then try it with Mary's pumpkin pie recipe. It is very good. I just purchased Turmeric and Ginger tea this last week since want to change things up. I have use to hate turmeric and curry, but now I eat and now drinking them regularly since many posted to eat lots of spices. Also, taste good to me now. Helps me feel better too. As time goes by I like different types of food and teas. I have been eating clean diet for some time now. It is becoming part of my life and routine which is good.

Hang in there. It gets better just takes time- be strong & calm. Keep praying, keep reading, and keep taking the protocol. Your are in my prayers.

God Bless,

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