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Newbie needs help

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1:51:10 PM

Hello Adrianne and welcome to the forum and hope that this will be a place that gives you company and support as you work your way through the protocol back to health.

How far along are you with all the protocol? Just asking as the MMS needs to wait until you have been on the basic protocol for one month. After this you add the Extension Kit and the MMS. The silver can be taken from the beginning. If you look at the FAQs all the information is there. It tells you exactly how to use the MMS which is to put one drop of each bottle into a glass, leave it for a short while until it turns yellow and then add water - 6 oz to begin with. You can use MMS in the laundry straight away but I would mix it in the same way in a glass and add water and then add this to the washer when it is full of water so that the clothes aren't affected by bleaching.

I give one drop of MMS a day to my cats and do it in exactly the same way, activate one drop of each in a cup, add water and then put it in their bowl.

If you search for pets in the forum you may come up with some ideas. I think I listened to one of the early conference calls and there was quite a bit about pets. It caused me to make sure that their flea treatment (selamectin) is up to day, Revolution I think in US and also worm pills. There is a food supplement mentioned, dinovite I think that we can't get in the UK so I looked at the ingredients and got the nearest thing to it that I could as a food supplement. Plus I changed the dry food I was giving them to one which gives greater immune support and better nutrition. All these things made a huge difference to how the cats look and behave, no more fur loss, sleek and glossy and happy cats!

Hope this helps

God bless, Ruth

2:14:25 PM

Any help from those who are healed or getting better would be greatly appreciated. I just got the MMS and the citric acid. How should I start taking this? Should I mix one drop of each into a small amount of water then drink it? Does MMS has to be mixed with citric acid when I wash my clothes too? My dog needs help as well has anyone had good results with giving their dog a small amount of this in their water? I'm currently giving him a teaspoon of sovereign silver a day he is a small but muscular miniature dachshund.

Also, when I went to add the drops of MMS and citric acid in my laundry I noticed the bottles were going crazy with dispensing, making it hard to control the amount of drops. Is it easier to carefully just put the drops in a small container then pour it in the water in the washer?

Anyone know any specifics for MMS and laundry, taking it orally, and tips to help my dog get well? I've tried searching the forum but I'm not the most computer savvy person

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