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New dr 12hrs.. Concerned filament hurt ask removal?

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9:06:13 AM

Hi Meagan

Everyone is welcome here to this place of healing. I want to say "hello" and invite you to look deeper.

We are not like other forums. We focus only on the cure and we strive to share the joy together during the journey back to health.

Many have come here before you that are now happy and whole again. I am one of them. There are also others that are at differing stages of working their way back. No matter where one is with the disease, there is a wealth of good information that lies within these forum posts.

It is not uncommon to experience resistance from primary care physicians and dermatologists. Don't let this discourage you. I hope your new doctor will be more wise about what you really need. Things like nutritional support and comprehensive lab testing. However, be prepared to accept that with Morgellons co infections, we must commit to rely on our self to take our health back on our own.

Mel's protocol does deliver the restoration that the body demands to overcome the toxicity and restore the body's internal bio-terrain. With time, it does restore the body and It does heal.

Don't waste time trying to figure out where it came from, because that does not change things. What does change things is to accept that it is co infection.

Read the experiences of those here that got well and you will discover many that got better with only marginal support from traditional medical practitioners.

I believe in the science that we advocate for here with all my heart. So I hope you will remain and I hope you will choose to make an informed decision to begin this protocol without delay.

A good place to start is with the FAQ page. Then investigate the protocol page and listen to conference calls. Good luck!

Strength and Love,


9:42:50 AM

I'm so glad I found you all I've been hanging out with them other people and then kick me out their forms when I started asking about what about a keratin filaments?

I suspect I have Morgellons my doctors have been not recognizing the multitude of infections I've had over the last 7 months

I have a new doctor tomorrow is supposed to be one of the best locally internal how do I go about getting help I'm finally healing with antibiotics for the big hole in my head but I feel creeping stuff going up my scalp and it flashes red each night I also see staph Epi activity now that the targeted antibiotic is killing the staph warneri . I'm calling is I've been itching so bad it's finally getting better I'm taking some bleach bath but I'm really concerned this horrible tissue plug that I felt down deep into my brow now 3 months ago I need it removed and nobody's listening to me because things are healing and closing yet there's these bundle plug keratin fibers that need to go zing pain. Cant live with :( :

Can anybody advise me can my body absorb them if the doctors refuse to remove them how do I talked them into removing them I feel like it's a vital part to have the diseased tissue removed

please help

And I'm so sick of the doctors not listening to me when I present evidence about bacterial infections and biofilms that I should be having be classified so maybe they would cut things out if they need to be the way they would treat MRSA

Thanks so much!

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