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9:51:30 AM

Hello MEL,

ITS been a while since you have made a statement on the web site, and I hope all is well. I did listen to the last teleconference call and you sounded happy and strong! A little update would be nice.

THANKS again for all your help!

God bless you,


12:51:45 PM

Hi Kathy,

Welcome as always.

It is heart warming when someone who has been helped by our website is willing to take the time to come back repeatedly to help us help others. Having your life restored and being back at work full time as an RN must be the greatest gift one could receive for Christmas.

We rejoice with you and with those that soon will be touched by your kindness as you aid in the restoration of their health.

Let me direct you to our new Help Us Help Others page which will afford you the opportunity to make your tax deductible donation either online through Paypal or through the He Cures All Foundation P.O. Box.

May God receive the glory for the willing service of your hands. I remember the first time we spoke; you told me that He led you here. We are all glad that He did.

God bless you Kathy. YOU never gave up Hope!


P.S. - I also rejoice in the first anniversary of the restoration of your health. I have included here a three post thread from one year ago this month:


7:35:30 AM
Mel,if I had not found this site, I am certain I would not be working again. More importantly, I have a life again. You are truly a wonderful friend.
God bless us all

4:59:04 PM
Hiya Kathy,

Welcome as always;

I cannot thank you enough for your willingness to now, reach out and bring hope to others as you have stabilized and continue to recover on the Protocol.

I know Pat has enjoyed exchanging stories and information with you. I am sure so will those who attend the conference call on Sunday.


Thank you for trusting and believing in me, I rejoice in your recovery!

God bless, Never give up Hope!


Kathy **

11:06:36 AM
I want to invite everyone to the teleconference on Sunday,Dec.5,2010.I will be joining the other Morgellons suffers to share our experiences on the road to recovery.I am a Registered Nurse from the southeast and have been a morgellon's sufferer since the fall of 2009.It is my hope that I will be able to give Hope to others thru the progress I have made! All knowledge gained empowers us to move forward. Lets not look backward but forward toward the possibilities we once thought was unattainable. Together,we can beat this thing.
God bless all of us,

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