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NJ Doctors

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3:10:16 PM

Hello Sheila and Welcome,


We are still not aware of any doctors treating Morgellons in N.J.or N.Y.C.

Allow me to be bring forth an article that has stood the test of time

Hi Jenn, Lori,

This is Peter.

On behalf of Mel and John who both suffered tragic loses these past few days, Mel asked me to respond to your post

Currently, we are not aware of any doctors in your area.

Mel has asked me to share with you that he will be publishing a new thread soon titled “Doctors who are willing to help".

Hopefully, someone will respond in our new thread from your area!

In the meantime, here is what someone else said in a past post. In your case, I think it would serve you well to read it in full. Hope you choose to remain here. Peter.


2:38:29 AM Hi Everyone -

Mel asked me to share a little bit about myself. I guess I am one of the first to have found Mel's site about 3 yrs ago.

I have had this for 4.5 yrs now. Had I listened to Mel 3 yrs ago I would probably be pretty much cured by now. But I did not know who to believe. Who was this guy and why is he trying to help strangers, what's in it for him. This is what I thought.

I have gone through the same experience as everyone else, No need to rehash it all. Except I have not had lesions or fibers. For me it all started with a flea infestation of my dog and before I knew what was going on it had spread to my 3 cats. All my cats usually find their way into my bed during the night. By the time I found out we had fleas they were jumping on my bed. I was sleeping with them. Before I know it I am in the Twilight Zone.

I have been a health freak for 40 yrs. I was reading prevention magazine as a teen. I had been driving my family crazy complaining about additives and preservatives, etc. for decades. I studied Nutrition in college. I refused to take medications, antibiotics, etc. I was a professional dancer for many years. I was in the best of shape even at my age of 50. So why me?? Obviously, this could happen to anyone. I am sure that I contracted some bacteria or parasite or both from the fleas. As I learn more and more, I realize that it may be some new organism that is not identified or some genetically modified thing that is being covered up by the CDC. My original thought was that it was something as simple as a mite that wraps itself in skin so that the body can not detect it - this does exist. (There is a great book called 'Big Fleas have little Fleas' if you want to read about the beginnings of genetically modified substances.)

I tried Mel's protocol and for the first time I started to see improvement. But I hated the mms so much I stopped and went to Mr.C's protocol. That seemed to work too, but there was something missing. I then took both protocols to a terrific Holistic Doctor in NY. This doctor graduated from Harvard as an MD but decided at some point that mainstream medicine was not doing the job it should be doing. He became very disillusioned with the profession and decided to look into alternative medicine.

He asked me - out of all these pills you brought me to see, what one thing would you say actually works the best. What makes you feel the best? I said to him - the MMS without a doubt. He explained to me that that means there is a parasite involved and that mms was perfectly safe to take and I should continue taking it. This was what I needed to hear from a doctor I respected so much. I went back on it.
But I again eventually started to look for answers that did not involve mms. I did this mainly to help a friend that would not take mms. I tried to find a cure for her. I went on another protocol by another alternative doc but every day I got worse and worse.
After 4.5 yrs of looking for answers, the real answer was the first one I found. The only people getting better are on Mel's protocol. I started mms again along with my own group of supplements. It took only 3 days on very small doses to feel better than I had in months. By the 5th days I came down with the worst cold, congestion and laryngitis I ever had. But I stuck with the mms. My illness lasted 2 weeks. I added the Bactrim back in twice a day after the first week. I am so much better now. I did not think it was possible to ever feel this good again. And my improvement was almost overnight

I will now slowly add in other supplements. I like paragone very much and it seems to help. And I probably should add in molecular silver.
At this point, I am convinced this is the only route to take to completely get rid of this. There is no other solution that works. I am not stupid enough to wait for the medical profession to find a cure.
I hated doctors 40 yrs ago and I hate them even more today. It is an embarrassment today to be a doctor. They should be ashamed by their arrogance and ignorance.

Mel - where would I be without you?? On psychotic meds, dead..I can't even imagine living like this without hope. You gave us hope to look forward to living our lives as normal as possible.

3:07:29 PM


who is the Dr. You saw in NYC?


12:02:03 PM

Hi Beverly,

Welcome! Nice to meet you! That's great that you are in NJ - I myself have lived in northern NJ and have many family in the southern part! I am located in NY.

I am so sorry to hear of these ailments that you have had! :( It is definitely something that I think many of us here have gone through and therefore can appreciate the pain, the confusion, the frustration associated with this illness. Ugh.

In 2016, I can safely say so many doctors are just not aware AT ALL of Morgellons. And even more are just willing to give a psych referral and send you on your way. They mainly do symptom management and these days they are barely doing that! Don't get me started on psychiatrists who really have NO science to back them, their DSM or the drugs they shell out, LOL.

I can tell you confidently that many here have seen relief of their symptoms going through the forums and reading, learning and gleaning information on such things as diet, environment, and immune support from those who have come before them.

I hate the itching too! Glad to meet you and hope to hear from you again!

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