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7:19:33 PM

Christmas blessing

I never thought there would be an end to the suffering of this horrible disease.Then God lead me to Mel's website.

I am forever grateful to Mel's research,the protocol,and sponsorship foundation that has given me and many others HOPE and determination to get well.

I've always felt welcomed here and have meet friends that can relate to similar symptoms and ways of life this disease has.

I received a call a day or two before Christmas that answered my prayers and would change my families life forever.

I call it my Christmas blessing, I no longer have to worry how I'm going to keep my family well. I now can focus on getting us well, living a healthier happier life.

Maybe this time next year we can attend a Christmas party or 2.
My family and I so appreciative to those who donate to the foundation. It truly saves lives.

May God make a way, for many others to receive their Christmas blessings and receive the HOPE of getting well!

7:18:21 PM

Good morning and Happy Holiday to everyone !

Hi, I just was opening gifts last night and realized what an amazing and wonderful gift having the protocol for free has been for us.

I just wanted to say again thank you to all of you who have donated to the he cares all foundation!

My fiance and I are so grateful that we have been able to have your assistance.

To those who have not yet given, I would urge you to please once again consider giving to this foundation, as it has helped me and so many others.

I know that it will continue to help even more people and it is such a great blessing!

Happy Holidays and to all GOOD HEALTH!

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