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2:44:00 PM

Hiya Debra,

Welcome as always;
My sincere thanks for this information you were willing to share. I truly hope that both you and
your sister L are doing better.

God bless,

11:49:43 AM

Actually, my doc explained to me that GPL sued labs in NY because they were doing similiar testing. That was the start of the problem and whatever the state did after that resulted in Doctors not being allowed to use GPL. But they can use other out of state labs. My Doc also used Genova Labs from down south somewhere also but he actually stated GPL was a better lab.
Just so everyone knows - GPL is pretty lax about who signs off on your testing. Obviously my NY doc could not sign off, I had a dentist friend sign mine. And I asked GPL first if that would be ok. Then I brought the results to my NY Doc. and he reviewed them. You can also call GPL and they will give you an appointment with their Biochemist/Nutritionist and she will explain everything to you. She has so much knowledge and you will learn so much from her.

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