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2:38:33 PM

Greg, you wanted a non-prescription equivalent for Limbrel. Thank God for our town's brilliant pharmacist, he did a little research and suggested taking Kaprex from Metagenics, It was $40. for a month supply.

12:53:20 PM

Hey Gregers! Hi!
Listen - I went through the same journey and have found a wonderful Doc in Oceanside,CA who treats Morgellons. I will share a bit on how I now am on everything. I contacted all the Docs mentioned - used sound research and commons sense to determine who would be best for me. And, I asked for referrals . Now I am on a treatment plan with Dr. Juergens Winkler in Oceanside,CA. Mels offer to have other Docs phone Dr. Zamboni is very very helpful and courageous don't you think? Looking so forward to getting better!!!!
Hope this helps my friend.
God bless you on your journey,

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