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9:20:03 AM

Hello Jessica,


I have reposted this post by Debra, I hope it helps!

God bless, Never give up HOPE!

ps check your email.

11:36:23 AM

I am posting a website of a great alternative medicine doc in Manhattan. He is certainly not an expert on this problem but he is a brillant guy trying to help.
Also look up another of his sites called 'pill advised'. What a great site, you can enter all the meds and supplements you are taking and it will tell you about any interactions - bad or good.
He is a great doc but very expensive. Is he worth the visit - YES. BUT remember at this point you are more likely to be cured by Mel. The doc can monitor you and support you. It is hard to find a doctor you can respect.

Jessica S.

10:12:31 PM

Hello. Im suffering from morgellons myself. Wish i can find a doctor in Ny but every doctor here thinks im crazy. I need help.

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