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Oh Canada

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11:25:32 PM

Dear Tina,

I'm so happy to hear how you are doing.

Please go to the home page and read the FAQs.
Can read the follow the journey of five individuals who all got well.
By reading these posts you also learn certain things to use for certain symptoms of the disease.

Very important to clean up the diet, by doing so, you will already feel better.
Please don't leave this place because you will get all the information you need to live, to recover, to conquer this disease.

You can ask Mel for my email since I don't live in Canada. But once you found this website, you can put away anxiety. There's a wealth of information here. And people ready to help you.

I started this journey back in February.

I'm feeling a lot better already being on the protocol, cleaned up my diet.

I didn't know how to treat this thing also. Since it's not acknowledged by the medical world, we have to learn how to heal from this.

This place is great, because many people already healed 100%. But it does require effort and work, and patience.

You can do it. I read you are a mother, so little ones are depend on you getting well.

If you need to converse through email. If I can help. Please inform Mel. Send him an email request my email.

Psalms 34:18 psalms 121:1-8

6:08:12 PM

Thank you to all who have posted.

I hope this response finds you all well.

I would really like to know if someone researching would like to use samples from has again progressed, I do something different and samples taken in January and put into a sterile container have grown from a few fibers to a mass fiber baball containing much different colored fibers.

I still am fighting this for now but when it gets bad, it is touch and go it seems.

There is strength in knowing that all of you are fighting as well.

I'm not quite sure how to get on the prayer forum but I will do my best as I would like to get to know others who share this affliction.

Thank you so much.

If anyone is close by. Please let me know.

It would mean the world to talk with you...

God bless you all,

Keep up the fight.


Tina/ Mel
2:28:23 PM

Hello Everyone,

This was my response to my email to Tina, I now share it all with you!!!!

Yes I am. I'm not very good with computers.. I also have a daughter named Mel.....pardon the confusion!

Thank you for your words. Just to hear im believed is music to my ears. I'm quite sure I was quite close to dying in November and December of last year.

I was treated like a criminal at the hospital and cut and packed with gauze and sent home.
All without anything for pain as I am now suspected of being a drug attic due to my itching.....

Since then I have not returned to any medical facility for help.

I have taken to making all products for my face and body myself. I have also found help in bio oil. Though I am much better I am shocked at the way this has taken complete control of my life.

At least I'm not being treated for a disease I do not have still. Are you aware of anywhere close to me where I might be able to talk freely without the worry of being put in the pysch ward?!!

Thank you for your caring and concern.
It means the world.

I really would like to know as much as I can about this. I'm still not certain exactly what morgellons ar, but I am certain they are in me and mass producing......

Thank you,
I will update you with progress

Its wonderful to know you are out there..


On Aug 7, 2016 6:44 AM, "Mel" wrote:


12:29:37 PM

Please if there is someone who knows of a doctor in the lower mainland who will treat me. I have had this for years but the last few months it has dramatically changed. Im choking on fibers, they are in my eyes - I sometimes feel like I am drowning in the mucus that the fibers create. I am a 42 year old professional single mom. I have not worked in 1 1/2 years. Im sure I am dying now. I cant breathe and I hurt everywhere. I am having difficulty just getting out of bed. If anything - I would like to offer help to anyone researching this nightmare. The fibers are everywhere on me - They seem to have advanced. I have done many tests myself and wonder if when I pass there is someone who could continue to use my body for the samples?
If there is anyone who can help (we will all need it soon) please respond

On 8/6/2016 6:13 PM, Tina wrote:
> Nellie???

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