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One Day At A Time

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Amy B
7:45:56 AM

Thank you Linn and Kelly!

Your responses are much appreciated - you are right, out is good, so no matter herx or virus, Praise God, slow and steady,
I continue to move forward!!

Thanks again to all for being here to fight together.

It is so nice having people who understand and can share their experiences.

Much love and blessings to all during this beautiful
Christmas season! <3

Amy B

5:41:45 PM

Hi Amy,
Everyone's body is so different. I began having diarrhea and headaches a few weeks ago. I believe this was MY VERSION of herx. I had gotten up to 16 drops of MMS when it all started. I went back down to 14 drops and the diarrhea and headaches went away. I do think it was a great thing because my daily symptoms have decreased since my herx.
I really just feel that whenever things are going out of you, it's a great thing.
All my best,

1:37:35 AM

Dear Amy,

Hi, this is Linn, well, I just had my major herx. I don't know your symptoms. My herx consisted of nausea for about two weeks with slight headache off and on, Then it happened!!

Violently vomited for half an hour the first night, then vertigo for the next three days, then diarrhea for a day, then that night severe purging from the skin, Then two more days of diarrhea, then felt great. Mine was like nine days. I was happy everyday during the herx. I waited for this herx for a long time. I don't know if this helps you to decipher whether you had a herx or a virus.

But I just listened to the recorded conference call where Mel stated even when you get sick from a cold, flu, or others. They're all good signs. He said it shows your immune system is working again.

So according to that information, either bc of herx, or a virus, you are doing well.

I hope the best for you,

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