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Only one way to kick this affliction.

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8:17:51 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Nice job Peter, I could not have said it better!

The best too you Tina!

God bless you all,


Oh bye the way Tina, those who do not give up HOPE get well!!!

8:07:22 AM

Hello Tina

The first thing I always tell a newcomer is to read, read some more and read some more. Just in case you haven't done that yet, let me suggest a little outline.

Start in our FAQ section and read each one more than once, especially if you are experiencing brain fog.
If you are able, print them!

Then you will understand the sacrifices and challenges that lie ahead of you.

Invest the time to listen to some of the Conference Calls in the forum under the topic More Communication Is Better (COFFEE TEA WITH ME), start with the last one first and work back to our first call this past April 22nd.
You will likely find the answers to all of your questions and many that you may not have considered.

When time allows also listen to the calls in our Conference call archives, again last one first.

The Follow the Journeys page chronicles the progress of four fellow Morgellons sufferers as they work towards total recovery.
This will allow you to see what others have experienced as they went through this restoration and will help in eliminating a great deal of the fear!

It sounds like you have only recently begun to experience symptoms. Hopefully that will bode well for your recovery. The sooner you begin the process of rehabilitating your bioterrain the better.

I suggest you start with the nutritional protocol from Logos (Morgellons Support Kit), As well as Sovereign Silver.
This will address any nutrient deficits you may have and begin the process of restoring integrity to your body's immune, digestive and detoxification systems.

Then I would go about adding the Logos Extension Kit and and Sodium Chlorite, in the second month as outline in the FAQ'S.

To round out the SUM of the parts let me say that rest naps and sleep must be utilized to assist in the healing process, as well as a change in your diet.

We rejoice with you and welcome you here as you begin your journey back to health.

Please keep us posted on your progress.


6:53:57 PM

Dearest Tina R.,

Hi welcome! I'm so sorry what you have gone through and are still going through. Yes, this is the place to come for support and direction on getting well. Yes, you're not alone anymore!

I was bed ridden also. But after getting on the protocol just in three days I was able to get out of bed and do house chores which I couldn't for many many months.

I'm sorry your experience is similar to many with this disease, not being believed. It's painful to be doubted.

Please read the FAQ several times. Read as much as you can. Clean up your diet. Rest, get on the protocol.

Have you spoke to Mel yet? You can email him at We're here for you Tina!

Please continue to post here so we can support you!
There is hope!!! Many ones got healed from this disease with this protocol.

Please also listen to the recorded conference calls, under the thread "more communication is better" and the conference call archives.

Hugs and love to you!!

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