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On the Path to Healing

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9:13:13 PM

Thank you so very much Lady T! I greatly appreciate your help. You have answered many of my questions. I will look into all of your suggestions.

May you be blessed. :-)

Lady T
6:04:51 PM

Hi Martha**-

Be sure to use enough fiber in your diet to help move along the clay- and while I have tried a few powdered bentonite clay versions - the sonnes #7 is s special formula because they "use a special process to refine raw bentonite clay to remove mica, dirt, and other impurities in order to concentrate the active detoxifying ingredient, montmoriillionite. This procdure places montmoriillionite into a collodial suspension land retains the innate negative charge.this allows the absorption (physical binding) of positive charged metabolic, environmental, and chemical wastes! It powerfully sweeps through to absorb stuff in the alimentary canal - has the ability to absorb 40 times its weight in positively charged substances. It is not digested and it has physical properties that tightly bind the bad gunk to be excreted" -

and it is superior to any other purified bentonite clay and only about 20 bucks - and a bottle lasts me a month -
But taking the fiber with clay is key in order to move out that gunk.
Look up P & B shakes (psyllium and benronite shakes) which are just fiber and clay - but it is the gentlest and safest cleanse I know - and I have been in groups where folks passed super long tapeworms after months on just P & B shakes - and I know it really helped me many years ago pass some stuff - but back then I did not know how to rebuild the terrain and I barely took the greens and beets that I had - but now I know about rebuilding.

So be sure to take fiber with clay (and trust me you need to move out the stuff that is absorbed) - and sonnes sells a fiber to go with it - the intestinal cleanse #9 - but i used big container of psyllium powder (I like yerba prima brand for powder fiber) but in addition to this -another option Is the super colon cleanse from health plus inc. - doing this on and off will also clean small intestine.

Another Imprtant thing is to not interfere with the logos supplements
make sure you take the bentonite clay at different times from all supplements because it will interfere with absorption.

The clay will also later help you absorb more from stuff (as it wipes away Mucoid buildup and pathogens) so I took mine in middle of night with water and then sometimes during the day way in between stuff (took a swig without water) cos the bottle says to do it this way - once a day with water and once a day straight! and this was powerful for me years ago and recently with MD.
Regarding the profession you are in - I have heard that nurses have a very high incidence of MD- it could be numerous things - but I think MD has no respect for profession (ha) and I think those who get it have had flora issues inside - and then candidiasis and a mix of toxins that allowed MD to survive.

IN my informal opinion on the handwashing - (others here might have more to share) but I have have heard some people say we do not absorb with our hands as much as people think - God made us with a nice barrier to keep things out- and the reason transplants are possible is because of DMSO - and horse owners I know use DMSO to deliver needed stuff through muscle - and so some believe that the hands are not as absorbing of these soaps - even tho Skin is an organ and is still a part of us. I tend to agree right now (but still learning with everyone here) -

In my very humble opinion, I think that stuff in the small intestine (and large) is a key root cause - and stuff throughout the GI is covered with the fungal form of candidia - then the biofilm and parasites that should be removed or lie dormant - are able to live in a new way - which wreaks havoc inside.
Fungal candida can actually change the way heavy metals function - so while a bit of some heavy metals might be okay - the candida can make them morph and change in certain ways - so stuff like this reminds me that it is less about external exposure to things like hands and most about the entire GI.

And later I still want to come back and reply to a post question about dr. Amin and the parasite center in AZ-
Because while I do think folks need to address dental work - I think many folks can overcome MD without it - I know I did - I almost had my porcelain crowns removed - so glad I did not - but later I might have my one root canal taken out.
Some dentists have shown with research (and I can send names later) that so many toxins in the body accumulate from root canals and fillings - !
but in the dental world most dentists are taught that root canals and fillings are fine - and for some people they might not cause overt issues - but some very legit studies show otherwise - some show they can be nests of bacteria -and lead to CFS and MS- etc.
I think dental work can trigger or Leave people vulnerable to MD - but if it was just from dental work - why do kids and pets get it too? Because you see - dental work might play a role, but it is from a burdened immune system - and immunity is related to the many feet of intestines and all the systems firing together - I am sure as a nurse you know all this - but I know for me I had to relearn much stuff .

And so with hand washing - I am not sure if you can use lotion or not - but if it were me - I would try and counterbalance the washing with a thin layer of castor oil, lanolin, or jojoba oil (non greasy and does not stain)- this will feed your hands and replenish. Not sure if this would work in a hospital - but I know some folks who Bring their own soap to use at work. Either way - I think the toxins inside you are what need to be addressed and just keep doing what your doing with the minimizing exposures while washing up. And side note - thanks for being a nurse - it is such a special profession with caring for others -
Lastly - I used the premixed CDS for a while and it was a nice treat and seemed to be effective - but it was really nice to have it premixed.
Hwoever - I went back to the other because it was cheaper and I did not want to have keep ordering from Australia
I also liked the other mix better - but I think ithe mixed one is a good option as you heal up - and get more into the protocol - but please let all of us know how the CDS works for you - I wonder about it too.

Okay - just my thoughts - oh and when you eat out - make sure to stay away from sugar - Bread - and processed carbs - and take your supplements as planned - ;)

6:04:51 PM

There are some amazing people here! Although I rarely respond, your posts are encouraging and I thank you. Especially all of you who are healed and keep giving us hope. Mel, thank you for your uplifting words- every time I feel wimpy and want to quit, I think about what you said and how you love life. I want to be that way. Live and love to the fullest - so I must get well. Peter, you are very much like Simon Peter. You support us and guide us with your wisdom. We are so blessed.
John B, the Logos supplements really work. my hair and nails grow like never before. It also helps with my sugar cravings. I know that my inner terrain was really messed up.
Diet is the hardest. I work full time and my husband does not cook and is a fussy eater. I either cook separate foods or eat out. Which isn't good. But cooking takes energy.
I wonder, does anyone here with M work in the medical field and use ethyl alcohol hand wash? We actually have spies who will write down whether or not we washed before and after entering a patients room. I have used it a minimum of 20 times a day and usually a lot more. I wonder if there is a connection. I have started using gloves and then foaming my hands. I only wash with soap and water now.
I started taking Bentonite Clay supplements that a doctor gave me. At first, I felt terrible and thought that I was getting the flu because my husband had it, but then yesterday I felt amazing. I had energy! I have had thick sputum from the clay but my siuses are very clear.
I have had problems with MMS causing burning in my esophagus. I am now taking the premixed CDS. I hope that this is as effective as the other.
I will continue to post because I need the accountability and because some days I have felt so low I know I need support from others who understand. Thanks for letting me ramble in this post!