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John Burgstiner

5:45:10 PM

Hello All,

Thank you Mel for your kind words. Your friendship is most precious to me, and I too give thanks and praise to God for bringing you into my life. HE has given you many gifts, best of all that BIG HEART and SENSE OF HUMOR, and an incredibly important mission.

Your journey through the Refiner's fires and your victorious emergence has been captured here to the glory of God for all the world to see. What a blessing it is for those who are trapped in the nightmare of Morgellons to find this place of HOPE, LIGHT and HEALING.

I applaud the necessary changes you have made to your protocol page. We often get questions at Logos about how to coordinate taking the various products in the protocol and those that have been added recently. The products in the Morgellons Support Kit are designed to be taken together and are compatible with the Morgellons Support Kit Extension as well. Each may be taken according to the label directions.

Customers who are on your protocol need only be sure not to take the Complete Thymic Formula within an hour of taking MMS because CTF contains vitamin C which inactivates MMS (vitamin C is the antidote to MMS overdose).

All Logos Nutritionals product bottles are normally a one month supply, but one might want to double up on the Candida Rid for the first month if they had severe candida overgrowth, i.e.- thrush, severe vaginal yeast infection, severe rashes, etc.). It may be taken with or without food.

MagnifiZyme is best taken on an empty stomach (30 minutes before or two hours after meals). We have found that one in the morning and two at bedtime works well, much like MagnifiCal. That is because they both provide critical nutrients to support various processes of regeneration that occur when we sleep.

Olive leaf is going to be better tolerated if taken with food... it can give some people a tummy ache if taken on an empty stomach.

Those three (Candida Rid, MagnifiZyme and Olive Leaf) make up the Extension Kit. Other products may be necessary at certain times or for certain specific challenges. For example:

Monolaurin is a powerful antiviral that is best absorbed if taken with some kind of fat or oil, so we generally recommend taking it with food.

Colostrum provides a boost to immunity and is particularly helpful for those who have suffered from immune suppression for an extended period. It is not necessary to take colostrum on an ongoing basis. After all, colostrum is produced for only a brief span in the production of a mother's first milk.

By the way, 'daily' means every day when you read it on our label instructions. There are 24 hours in a day, but most people sleep for one third of those (or at least they should), so our instructions are intended for them to take their vitamins while they are awake.

On behalf of Logos, we thank you Mel for the privilege of serving those who you serve and loving those who you love. We pledge to continue our best efforts to improve your (and their) quality of life.



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