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10:01:33 AM

I do not want to come accross as negative, but there is no way anyone can know whether or not another person's immune system is strong or not.
for any care takers out there, I would highly suggest that you get on a full vitamin and mineral support but also PROBIOTICS. Your gut consitutes 60% of your immunes system's ablility to fight diesease. My doctor just cam back from a seminar on immune system diseases. He told me that every speaker ended up coming back to a healthy gut for building your immune system. He now has me on several probiotics 3x's per day and to use several different brands and to rotate thru them.
Once I have my consult on my tests, I am going to share my results and game plan.
Auntie M

6:34:17 PM

I have read on other Morgellons sites that individuals with extremely healthy immune systems and lifestyles have caught this and NOT through intimate contact (I don't mean sexual contact, I mean by touching the infected person). Then, there are those who have caught it from other sources, NOT from an infected person or from their personal living spaces. Then, there are those who have not caught it and they are intimate partners with an infected party (meaning they share the same bed linens and space). I know how I think I caught it, but am not sure. I had a compromised immune system and believe I came into physical contact with a possibly infected person during a medical emergency. She is now in a convalescent hospital. My parasite symptoms started right after that. The fungal infections, later.

We are all pretty much guessing about exactly how it is transmitted. At this point, I am not letting anyone come into my house, ride in my car, or touch me. All of these precautions SUCK, as I am, by nature, a very social, friendly person. I have always been a hugger, giving and getting them. I also was a professional massage therapist for 16 years and a nursing assistant and know the healing power of touch. In 16 years of professional massage, I NEVER caught anything from a client. I stopped doing massage therapy long BEFORE I caught this.

The idea of giving this to someone would be almost more than I could personally take, at this point. The tradeoff has been the isolation, which has been depressing for me. What has really raised my spirits has been connecting to others through this site, speaking on the phone with some individuals here who share this condition and who are getting well. Some are much further along in the healing process than me, so that gives me hope.

Today, I personally met with someone with this condition, in a public space. We have been supporting each other by phone. It has really raised my spirits to be befriending someone who understands and is also experiencing this process. We are problem solving together. What has been difficult is that immediate family members do not understand this and some don't believe what I am telling them is true, as far as the extent and agony of the symptoms. I live alone, so all communication with them has been by phone or email. There is virtually no response from them about this. So I have chosen to distance myself from them for now, because I don't want the stress I feel from what feels like rejection. I am just too sick right now to figure out how to fix these relationships. I have also lost 2 best friends (40 years each of friendship) to cancer. Making new friends while sick is difficult, so I am grateful for the extension of concern and comradeship from those here.

I am lucky I have an extraordinary support system of healthcare professionals (including a psychologist and an acupuncturist who both met me before I got this, and have witnessed this disease process in me and have been extraordinarily supportive) and now, a group of peers getting well together, whom I have met here. Thank you Mel for this site and for your personal support and THANK YOU EVERYBODY who has reached out to me. I am hanging in there.

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