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4:56:14 AM

Hello everyone, i need your help. I'm not sure which desease i got, but some symphoms are simililar, i 23 years old and i from country called Azerbaijan. I have found black dots on my skin, and my skin sometimes very itching,and i don't have any sores ...what it can be? Morgellons? Now i drink black seed oil..(sorry for my english)

2:52:57 PM

Kristina, I can relate to your extreme fear and suicidal thoughts. Here I am 2 years later and I am so glad I found this website and protocol because I can say today that I am well and so glad I hung on. Please tell us that you will hang on too, ok? Like Nicole said it gets so much better. I will be praying that you find strength and peace. You can do this!

God bless,

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