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Promising Findings

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Erica C.
10:28:45 AM


I see only good when I read these findings. There is power in understanding and I appreciate your search for truth. Armed with this knowledge, we can better attack the beast.



11:54:37 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

While working on updating the Testimonials section of our website, I came across this post from Setember, 2015. The information contained in Peter's well researched article (at the bottom of this thread) is important and I thought was well worth bringing to the top of the Forum.

God Bless You All, those who never gave up HOPE, got well.


Promising Findings

Hello Folks

Here are conclusions drawn from recent scientific study of the Morgellons pathogen: Cross-Domain Bacteria Isolation (link no longer available)

They come from a dedicated researcher who is a friend to us all. I offer them here simply to inform. But I do hope they will instruct you further as to the true nature of Morgellons.


1. It has been “identified” and “cultured (grown)” in its primitive (simplest) form.
2. It meets characteristics that categorize it as Bacterial.
3. A series of Anti-oxidants (like vitamin C) has been identified to slow and even halt growth in laboratory cultures.


#1 proves that we need have no further fear that Morgellons is something mysterious. It has been cultured (grown) in a laboratory in its simplest, most primitive form. Since it can be grown, it can be profiled. That means we can apply current accepted science to study it.

# 2 is important because study demonstrates "it meets all seven characteristics of bacteria." There are already identified properties that allow certain bacteria to self filament (make fibers). In other words, we already know that fibers are not exclusive to fungus. Conspiracy predators don’t discuss pathogenic properties like this, because if they do, then they are disenfranchised (game over).

#3 is significant because in cultures, growth has been slowed and even halted by anti-oxidants like Glutathione. Anti-oxidants together with natural immune response stop its growth. Period! Mel’s protocol is proving this in that "there is broad comprehensive anti-oxidant support within our supplements."


There is very little room for doubt. We all agree that Morgellons typically involves chronic immune suppression and multiple coinfections. Lowering bacterial infection slows fungal overgrowth. Less fungal overgrowth frees immunity to lower viral overload. Co-infection is significantly reduced, and symptoms subside and eventually disappear. And it is the Logos Nutritionals supplements that actually orchestrate it all.

Dedicate to Mel’s protocol ( and prove me wrong. You cannot. At least no one has been able to yet!

In His Love,

7:36:32 AM

Love this post!!!!!!!

Thanks :)

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