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Protocol page changes

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12:58:44 PM


I also love the new protocol format! It will make reading and understanding it so much easier for new people just beginning. Thank you for all the hard work to do for all of us!

BTW...I got your message the day before my surgery....Thank You for the support and encouragement. Surgery went well, and I had no excessive bleeding from continuing the MMS throughout the whole process.

Got discharged from the hospital late yesterday afternoon and I am back on full protocol.

Thanks again Mel!


4:33:38 AM

Hello Mel

I just wanted to congratulate you on the new improved protocol. I am looking at it for the first time. The upgraded protocol page is simple and attractive too. I like it in that the newly stricken get a visual model that is inviting to them. This is so important when you consider brain fog.

Here is where I see more efficiency in the new protocol. I like the separation between the morning silver and Magnifizyme. Letting the silver move through the system first and unabated makes sense. The additional Thymic in the morning also makes sense. I always took my morning MSM sulfur with my olive leaf this way, and MMS oxidation a full 2 hours apart from morning anti-oxidant support is as it should be. In my opinion, this schedule demonstrates balanced and sensible dosing. It also looks more potent to me. That’s powerful!

The Magnifical and Magnifizye before bed will continue to promote sleep and to work together to complement one another during sleep. Again, this makes good sense.

Congratulations again. I view these changes as significant and appropriate; my own experience in dosing and following earlier protocols is why. Looks like anther home run!


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