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10:44:20 AM

thanks for your response Geoff,
I am still not 100% clear on your answer. If thee MMS creates it's own defense against fungus, then shouldn't we stop taking it?
Aslo, I did not get sick in the early use of the MMS, it started about after a month. So I am guessing that it was at this point that the fungus started to defend itself against the MMS???? Does this make any sense?
Auntie M

10:13:58 PM

Deb 2,
If you get an off-line response to your fungal question about the use of MMS, I'd like to know the info. I've cut way back on my MMS since starting the Bactrim and Limbrel. The infection on my face is getting worse and spreading to my lips. I'm using an anti-fungal topical creme from doctor (prescription). Now, I'm wondering if this infection is bacterial or even viral.

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