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11:02:46 AM

Thank you John,
Once again you are there for us. You truly are an amazing person! thank you for everything.

9:21:32 AM

Hi Deb,

NAC is one of many very valuable nutrients when it comes to detoxification. One of the primary ingredients in Liver CS Plus, ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) is very similar in that it recycles glutathione, the ultimate detoxifying complex in the body. It also contains milk thistle and numerous other herbs and nutrients designed to strengthen detox pathways and encourage regeneration of liver tissue.

As you learn more about the natural medicines Logos Nutritionals produces, you will find that we have only a couple of single ingredient products. Our formulations take maximum advantage of the synergy of our Creator's design. In other words, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

The detoxification potential of our (and therefore Mel's) protocol is tremendous and comprehensive in scope. The only additional area of detox support that certain individuals might want to explore further is more intensive heavy metal detox, but for those folks zeolites or sodium EDTA chelation therapy would be the best options. There is a good article on chelation on the 'Articles' page of the Logos website.

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