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9:35:50 PM

Mel, thank you. I had tears in my eyes after reading your post. I finally have hope that I'm getting some where with this disease. I'm so glad someone else has experienced what I'm going through now. I know that I still have a long way to go and as exhaused and tired as I am of the everyday fight, I will beat this thing no matter what I have to do. I have a beautiful 6yr. old daughter and a wonderful husband who needs me healthy again.
As far a the Wellness Protocal, I have not been able to afford it. I am trying to save for it but it might be another couple of months before I can purchase it. It's been really hard fighting this disease when I can't afford to get the things that I need.
I had to save for over 4 months before I could purchase the MMS, Molecula silver, olive leaf, and probiotics that I currently take now. I am also taking 'Alive whole food' multi-vitamins that a friend purchased for me. I know that the MMS is working but I'm still not sure about everything else.
I still have many 'cuts' on my hands, mainly fingers. I'm hoping these will go away soon.
Long road ahead of me...

Thanks again, Mel. You have truly been a blessing and inspiration to everyone on the board:)
God Bless,


11:25:31 AM

Hiya Ashley,


Thank you for your kind words.

Hopefully your struggling is coming to an end.

As I have recently mentioned in teleconference calls, I never started bathing in MMS until I reached my maximum dose and started my maintenance regimen.

It is because of what you described that I recommend people doing it in a cautious way. I was afraid that if people saw what you and I have seen in our bathtubs they might faint. We have always said better coming out than staying in.

To ensure the best results, I must reiterate that it is not some of the parts, but the SUM of the parts. I hope you are also on the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol (along with the Ubinol CoQ10). To this day, I remain on it to keep my immune system strong and fully functional, and to ensure that I will never have Morgellons again.

Unfortunately for most, it will not be gone quickly. I stayed on my entire protocol for 18 months to ensure the total eradication of the disease.

Ashley, you are never alone when you are here.

I hope we helped a little today. If you wish to speak with me directly, my email address is in the welcome letter on the forum page.

God Bless, Never give up Hope,


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