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John B

12:11:05 PM

Hi Hilary,

I got your email address from Mel and will contact you shortly.

Pamela, as you have noted, taking natural medicines is quite different than taking prescription drugs. Drugs are fast acting because their goal is typically to mask symptoms by tricking the body in some way... which is why they produce side effects.

Supplements are all about restoring balance.

Rather than targeting symptoms, most natural medicines target underlying causes. They may take longer to work, but the results shown reflect the body's improved overall metabolic status.

Some hypersensitive individuals will benefit from gradual introduction of high potency supplements like the Complete Thymic Formula, but for most people, it is not an issue.

There are natural agents that can strip the body of nutrients like EDTA, but that need not be a concern for those taking our protocol.


9:13:52 PM

Hello John,
I'm the person who posted last night and you asked me to go to your site because you wanted to ask me a few questions. I'm not sure if this is the right place but hopefully it is.Once again thank you for your kind words. Hilary

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