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Question for Pamela

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Pamela Mae

12:41:35 PM

My Dear Beazy,
I am here,for what its worth this is what I think.

1. Your sis is possibly being re- infected when she goes to work...might put some thought into that.It makes my skin crawl to think about it.
I ran my own little home health care business for while as I have 2 certifications as a CMA. I could have had as much business as I could handle.The pay is greatand I somewhat got to choose hours.

2. From experience I have learned we need to do the whole protocol the whole time and always the same way.
The protocol is designed to HIT IT HARD up front and give it a punch.
Your sis needs help to do that.I carry my little hand written chart with me where ever I go on what needs to be taken and what times and baggies with all my medicines.
She needs to do that rigorously..this is her mission.I had to learn that it was okay to make myself the mission for awhile or I could not help anyone else.

3. I would say absolutely yes on the testing. It will most definitely narrow down and pin point what else is needed.

If you will email me -
I will email back an attachment of my own testing which will show you which antibiotics,natural supplements,anti fungals,probiotics are tested.And the tests also check to see which ones will work for you.
So you are right on! Good job!
Tests are easy to read and it would be my blessing to help.

Did I get everything? You are a blessing,keep up the good work!
Pamela Mae
Pamela Mae

12:46:38 AM

Oh Hello my Friend Beazy, I had to sit for a minute to let you know I will email in length tomorrow as I can't be at the computer very long right now.
There is really a great great hope in what you have mentioned..and I believe we can move towards getting your sis well..give me till tomorrow and you will have lots of good things to work on .Thanks for being such a sweetheart for your sis what a great love :-)
Tomorrows ..K?
have t o go

Pamela Mae

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