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Question for Peter

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2:33:00 AM

Hi Astrid

I am glad you are remaining engaged with this community. Making informed decisions when deciding to commit to a protocol is important. Forming therapeutic alliances with others here is proven as instructive. Let me try and help you with your questions.

I have no personal experience with Sesame Oil, although I consider tahini and hummus healthy. I try to avoid all refined oils, except Coconut. I replace them with a good organic butter.

Young fruits would have a lower sugar content, but fruits outside of lemons and limes may fuel symptoms, and may fuel internal fungal and yeast overgrowth. But they may work for you since they are unripened.

I would view Red and Black rice as a complex carb that is probably very healthy in moderation. Not sure about alkalinity.

No experience with Taro. However, I view starches, in moderation as good. I eat organic yams often.

Chile pepper and chili flakes are very healthy in my opinion. I like the heat too! I think I have read where they have specific enzyme profiles that may help immune response.

Great questions. I hope I have helped. Please keep us informed by sharing.


8:57:28 AM

Hi Peter,

I have a few questions for you regarding some food items, I am wondering if I am allowed to have them or not.

1. Sesame Oil - I checked online and it is said that it's alkaline but wanted to know what you think.

2. Young fruits, such as young mangoes, guava and papaya. They will be eaten before they are ripe. Mangoes are usually sour at this point and both the guava and papaya are also not sweet. What's your verdict on this?

3. Red and Black Rice - I know brown rice is okay but I am wondering about red and black rice because they are easily available and more economical than the brown rice. They are also on the alkaline list but I just wanted to make sure.

4. Taro - I think if sweet potatoes are okay. This one should be okay too. What do you think?

5. Chili Pepper and Chili Flakes - I like a little bit of heat on my food. Seems that this one is okay too?

Sorry to be bombarding you with a list of food questions. I hope you can help and answer some of my questions :) Thank you so much in advance.