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Questions for John B. On monolaurin and essential oils

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John Burgstiner
10:39:22 AM

Hi Lee,

Yes the new test will cover all prescription and OTC drugs. What a blessing it will be to help all of us navigate through the unpredictable maze of drug therapies if and when they are deemed necessary.

I hope to have an announcement about its availability very soon,

With great anticipation,


Lee P
3:22:31 PM

Hi John,

Would the new DNA testing cover over the counter drugs, as well as prescription drugs?

I am referring to anti-inflammatory drugs and pump inhibitors.

I am very excited about your new research!


John Burgstiner
11:21:57 AM

Hi Nana,

Thanks for sharing... Interesting finding you have there about the Monolaurin. It could possibly be indirectly up regulating your thyroid by reducing mycotoxins which are perceived as xenoestrogens by the body. You can increase your dose without upsetting the balance of your supplements, but as in most cases with natural therapies, more is not necessarily better.

There certainly are other ways to support the thyroid which have been explored in great detail on this site.

Taking essential oils is fine in moderation and can be quite helpful. Essential oils have gained popularity in the marketplace recently due to aggressive marketing from MLM companies. We (Logos) have been considering adding a few oils to our product line and have been evaluating several high quality suppliers. Obviously, we will let everyone know how that process works out.

Thanks again,


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