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1:41:06 PM

Hi Gabriele,

Thanks for your inquiry. After Mel spoke with you on the phone yesterday, he alerted me to your dillema. It is my understanding that he sent you our customer service manager's email address as well as the direct phone line to Logos Nutritionals.

Jill will be contacting you via email if she has not done so already. Logos can never predict how customs will react to any given shipment, but we have not experienced any problems shipping into Germany in the past.

If you go ahead and place your order online, Jill will contact you with the correct shipping charges for your authorization before processing your order (international shipping rates are not calculated automatically on the website).

Thanks again for your interest in Logos. Please know that you are in our prayers, and let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Gabriele Petry -Erickson

4:43:33 AM

Dear Mr. Burgstiner,
couldnt get a telephone-connection with Logos because the toll free numbers from the Logos webside cannot be used when someone calles from germany. My question: Can the Logos morgellon cure products be ordered overseas? do they pass the borderline?
>I live in germany and was infected with morgellon end of february. please respond and if ordering is possible, maybe the lady called Jill from Logos can give me her mobile phone number , I will handle this with discretion and will never pass this number on to anyone else, i am just an infectet victim of this desease, thats all, i am very desperate.
yours sincerly, Gabriele.

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