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12:43:08 PM

Hi Robin,

I pray that God will bless your generosity.

I don't know what kind of research Cindy is actually doing, and I wonder how many in the Morgellons community do. Communication of one's mission and goals with potential supporters is necessary to gain a committed following of sustained support.

There are many good people like Cindy who are devoting time and resources into research to benefit this community, but it is not always easy to identify them among the predators and opportunists.

Fortunately, the scriptures give us guidance in this area; those who are children of light and truth are known by their fruit and by their focus.

Part of the difficulty Cindy is facing (in addition to a depressed economy) is that so many of the individuals making up the community she is looking to for support are facing financial trauma themselves.

Like Mel and so many others, they have exhausted their resources in searching for a means to be delivered from this nightmare.

I for one am very thankful that the good folks at God's Learning Channel chose to acknowledge the plight of Morgellons sufferers, because the best place to look for compassionate support for the cause of Morgellons is among those who are living for and with the Hope of Mankind.

God Bless - Never give up Hope!

John B
Pamela mae

11:46:35 AM


Rignt on!
So totally true!

God Bless,
pammie mae

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