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3:48:50 AM

Dear D,
So happy to hear you are recommending people to wonderful Dr. Winkler,who treats the whole person,and also is in agreement with the benefits of mels protocol for those suffering from Morgellons. He is awesome isn't he? Would you call me? I lost your # since our -last fun chat on the phone.
Take care hope you have a really blessed week in the Lord and that His direction leads you to an even richer and fuller understanding of His Holy truths.
Bless you
Lady Dee

1:32:29 PM

Hi Mae,

The reason I recommended Savely and Stricker is because they are located in the bay area and not everyone can afford to travel back and forth even within the state. A couple of years ago I had thought about flying north to see Savely but after factoring in the travel costs, hotel stay and her charges, I couldn't afford all that.

Yes, Dr. Winkler is wonderful and I certainly recommend him to anyone who has this affliction (or others) and would like to be treated.....and treated like a real patient and not one that is considered delusional!

Thanks to you later. God Bless.

Lady Dee

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