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6:19:59 PM

Hi Krissy,

I put clove oil in a capsule since I think it will burn if take directly under tongue. It burned at first when I put it my hair and put clove mixture on my skin. I found using fine mist spray bottle removed the sting when put on skin. I just put a 2 to 4 drops in the capsule with other oils. I took it the first year I was sick prior to taking the protocol; I was taking it 3 to 4 times a day. I think it helped me since seemed to maintain myself. I would suggest you put it in defuser to help your environment until on the protocol for some time.

Now, I take the complete protocol with Oregano oil in a capsule at 10:30 and sometimes at 5:30. I do not like the taste of this one either, but others have logged they put few drops under their tongues.
I still use the remaining clove in the air, not necessary for the environment now, but I like the smell.


1:50:59 PM

Has anyone tried clove oil orally. If so what would be the correct way to take it. I saw on a video of Dr. Huda Clark mentioned this oil alone with several other. If anyone had luck with it please let me know.

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