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Sleeping Aides: How Best to get through Night

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2:46:21 PM

Hiya Everyone,

Welcome as always.

Just in case some of you did not realize this important part of the structure of the protocol, MMS is always taken at night!

There are two reasons for this:

First, to keep MMS away from all other parts of the protocol. This allows each different part of the protocol to maximize its potential!

Second, to help you sleep at night!

Thanks Kathy for your post.

God bless you all, Never give up Hope!


3:09:07 PM

The best way I have found for 7 hours sleep is taking MMS at bedtime.I am up to 14 gtts just before I lay down to sleep.I also wash my sheets daily with MMS.In the last week or so,the itching at night has stopped.I feel the MMS is killing the parasites at a much more rapid rate. God Bless you all.

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